Journal Of The Wishful Timey-Wimey

4 October 1983
Hi. I was born on October 4th in 1983.

That makes me in my late twenties, y'all. Salutations and love to the world!

I'm a crazy fangirl -does happy dance- who writes tasteful, relatively coherent fanfiction for three genres thus far:

Preston/Child's Agent Pendergast series
Doctor Who, specifically New Doctor Who, as in pregnant! or whumped Doctor.
Supernatural - as in, Pregnant! or Whumped! Castiel.

Okay, now..I am not TRYING to come off as an uberbitch here, but I feel that certain things must be addressed before people try to contact me, as I have had and been involved in a great many unpleasant experiences due to my hypersensitive nature and the tendency to misinterpret certain types of social stimuli and signals due to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, among other yet to be diagnosed problems. Note that the types of persons mentioned in the list below don't necessarily relate to any of my personal experiences, I just added those so people don't get confused. Aheh.

I am a psychic. No I don't do readings, parties, or lotteries. It doesn't work that way for me. I -read- mostly by trying to interpret the intuitive sensations I feel in my brain, a process I find could possibly be similar to translation, only with sensation rather than symbols or words... therefore I can hypothesize that either I am CRAY-ZAY, -HAHA- or I am recieving soem type of bioelectrical information that other people seem to be mostly unaware of.

If you enjoy this bio and are not:
A perv
A crazy bastard
A self-serving fuck
A mean, spiteful creature in need of counseling who preys on people
A sexual-power loving sexist or racist who thinks men women or children should be controlled and forced to suck it whenever you please
A lovely idiot who thinks that NO means YES, for some reason
A Psycho/Sociopath/Rapist - just because I say hi to you or am pleasant to be around, does NOT mean I am giving you the go ahead. That is your illness talking, not predestination or love. I feel a true pity for your Horrible Difference and I'm not afraid to say it, but if you touch me, or touch a child in my presence, I WILL kick your ASS.
Someone who thinks people who have the slightest bit of weight on them deserve what they get- people aren't always responsible for their condition; grow up, change your thinking and move on. It's a shit, but afterward you WILL be happier.
Someone who thinks I am on some soapbox. That's shit. I'm a poet. I think that way ALL the time. so fuck off, you monstrous ingrate.

...please feel free to contact me.But be warned, I am eccentric, and this means that I will probably not contact you as much as you would like. And don't ask me what I'm giving you. If I am talking to you at ALL, then I am giving you my love and my self. What the fuck else do you want? My free will? sorry, that's mine I want to keep it. Go get your own.

Hey, I love everyone, but that doesn't mean I'm a naive moron. It means I must be a fucking empath or something because being around the emotions of humanity for too long exhausts me and makes me ill in the head. I'm sorry, that's just how I roll. Been that way since I was born. And no amount of other people's bitching about what they don't understand will make it better for them. Or me.

That said, HELLOooooooooo!!!!

Whatcha bring me?